Friday, April 15, 2011

A Great American Road Trip | Triangle Ranch B&B

You’ve paid your dues with rush-hour traffic, busy schedules and technology overload.  Get in your car and head to South Dakota’s prairies, Badlands and Black Hills, “Home of the Great American Road Trip” Vast panorama’s – simple culture – Nature unaltered – living histories of settler’s and natives.  Bring your family, bring a friend – enjoy our best-kept secrets along the way on *”The Road Less Traveled Route”, *”Native Culture Route”, or *”Ranching Culture Route”.  At the end of the day you will return to warm, traditional hospitality and accommodation at historic Triangle Ranch.  2 nights, Badlands Park pass, a dinner or picnic for two, campfire under the stars.  Gracious private guestroom – $235, Carriage House – $275 ( *unique route itineraries available upon reservation or arrival) Email or call 1-888-219-1774 today.

Triangle Ranch Bed and Breakfast

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